Reap the benefits of PSD2 and Open Banking

Since its birth, the Internet has opened systems and industries to the creativity of new players. Innovation is, in essence, what PSD2 is about. PSD2 is much more than making an API to connect to the core banking system. PSD2 is a way to shape and create what we believe will be the platform economy of retail banking and payments.

Although complying with PSD2 requires a massive effort on the part of the banks, it also offers them a fantastic opportunity as PSD2 gives the bank account, and thereby the banks, a whole new central position in future services.

equensWorldline helps banks and third-party providers to be timely compliant for PSD2, and become a provider of XS2A services, allowing them to reap the benefits PSD2 brings along.

Our Open Banking services

Access 2 Account Bank Services

Cost effectively comply to PSD2 requirements 

Trusted Authentication

Protect your online services 

Open Financial API Services

Accelerate innovation by using open APIs 

Authentication Process Management

The right balance between security and user experience 

Digital Banking Platform

The back-end that supports fast channel developments 

Access 2 Account TPP Services

Use Access-to-Account to empower your strategy 


Banking Customer Journeys
Extending Customer Experiences Beyond Banking

Start planning your Open Banking strategy ahead and extend customer experiences beyond your existing services thanks to equensWorldline digital and open banking solutions.