Aggregate existing Digital Identities with an Identity Broker

Handling the constantly increasing number of existing digital identities becomes a major challenge of this decade. There clearly is a need of reuse and aggregate the different existing and upcoming digital identities.

equensWorldline can support you in simplifying this challenge. In our role as Identity Broker, we will aggregate public and private identities and attributes provided by the different identity providers. We can provide this service to both public and private service providers.




  • Technically enabling public and private organizations to offer Identity solutions as part of trusted services
  • Identity routing to major European public or private ID schemes
  • Test environment for identity verification
  • Functional modules for routing service, workflow management, directory management, level of assurance management, authentication engine, key management, dashboards, billing, Identity Page, Developer Portal and API gateway
  • Optional Customer support services

Values for End User

  • Higher security with improved user experience
  • Re-use of existing identities for new Services
  • Smaller number of Digital Identities
  • Easy overview about used identities and service providers

Values for Relying Parties

  • Single point of integration to connect to national and international Identity Providers
  • Creating a seamless user experience by offering an end consumer to login easily and securely using their preferred Identity
  • Include other European identity providers (eIDAS)
  • Smaller number of contractual partners and consolidated processes and SLAs
  • Lower integration costs and faster integration
  • Support of combined identities (multiple attributes and multiple providers)