End-customers expectations

mobile payment

Your customers want to shop instead of waiting for payments to be processed. They want simpler, secure and more innovative ways to pay.
To reflect the diversity of your customers’ current needs, we have developed the best terminal product range and hardware security modules for you. Instead of just responding to customers’ demands, you can anticipate them.

Key benefits for your business

Give your clients' the best easy-to-use payment experience with our innovations, allowing NFC capabilities and value-added interactions
We offer you superior quality with some of the highest security and payment standards available (EMV, PCI, CE...). We also included a secure, reliable and powerful hardware security module, called ADYTON, to compute and verify encrypted data.
31% of consumers prefer to shop at places which offer a wide range of payment methods. Our full payment range, which includes new payment systems like contactless and mobile payment acceptance, will ensure happy customers and help you grow your business.

Improved shopping experience

Stay ahead of the curve in terms of mobility, speed, security and ergonomics and fulfill all payment market needs. Engage your customers and upgrade their shopping experience with a broad range of services:

Payments at check-out

Our countertop terminals provide merchants with unrivalled performance, a unique user experience and virtually unlimited possibilities for custom applications. 

Payment on the move

Our mobile and portable terminals improve the shopping experience with fast and easy payments for contact and contactless cards /devices. They use WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G to meet all communication needs. 

Self check-out

Our unattended terminals make self-service payments fast, simple and safe. They provide high-tech design and an easy-to-use interface in a sturdy housing, made to withstand the weather and the threat of vandalism.  

Mobile seller payment

Our dongle solutions offer your customers increased convenience at your Point of Sale with a mobile checkout experience. 

Encryption devices

Our Hardware Security Modules are compliant with all the major international standards and give a high-performance solution for the secure, processing-intensive cryptographic operations your business relies on. 

All the POS features you'll ever need

Upgrade your customers' checkout experience with our value-added services.

POS Advertising

Your payment terminal's colour display can show personalised messages to buyers, without disrupting the payment process. For a very small fee and with minimum effort, turn your terminal into an additional channel for a variety of branding and marketing purposes.

Gift card

Attract new buyers, reward loyal customers, and stimulate spending at your point of sale. Worldline Gift Card is an electronic voucher in the shape of a payment card, which can be used as a gift card or a loyalty card.

Offline payment service

Thanks to Worldline's TINA (Temporary INterruption of Application) protocol, you can continue to take payments even if your terminal gets disconnected. Manual activation of the offline mode ensures that you stay in control, while the terminal automatically goes back to online mode when the network connection is reestablished. 

One payment platform for every channel, everywhere

WL One Commerce Hub

Grow your business. Engage your customers. Differentiate your offering. WL One Commerce Hub is a single acceptance platform for all payments in Europe and beyond. It allows merchants to expand their business in new markets with optimized transaction costs.

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White paper PSD2 for merchants

PSD2 the driver of your business opportunities

With the digitization of the economy and the payment market, it was becoming necessary to update the existing Payment Service Directive. As of January 13, 2018, a new PSD2 will be launched to cover this need.

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Making Instant Payments a Reality

The European Payments Council (EPC) has confirmed a November 2017 launch date for a pan-European instant credit transfer scheme (SCT Inst) that will bring real-time money transfers across the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

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