Digital transformation for industrial companies

Our IIoT solutions allow industrial companies to start their digital transformation journey with industrial level cyber security standards (IEC 62443 ready). We combine a rich set of functionalities with highly advanced security features.

With WL Digital Doorman, our cyber security platform for industrial environments, companies now have a platform to easily create and manage secure data tunnels.

Example: Industrial plants can create and provide highly secure remote access to machine maintenance providers within seconds. The system also allows to restrict the timeframe to e.g. 24hours, after which the connection is being closed automatically.  
WL Remote Servicing is our solution for machine manufacturers and maintenance providers to improve their after sales business. The solution has been developed for over 15 years and is being used by companies such as Siemens Healthineers to remotely service healthcare devices.
Most people seem to understand the benefits of the industrial digital transformation and Industry 4.0 but still, 85% of machines are currently not connected to the internet. Security concerns, connectivity issues of industrial OT (operations technology) devices and the lack of trust in maintenance suppliers are reasons why industrial plants remain isolated.
Our IIoT solutions simplify complex and resource intensive cyber security and remote servicing processes to actions that can be handled also by non-IT personnel. 

Cyber security platform

Securing and managing remote industrial plant access

Have you refused service providers from remotely accessing your machines in the past or have you chosen not to update your machines for a while due to security concerns and the related complexity?

Our IIoT solutions simplify complex and resource intensive cyber security and remote servicing processes to actions that can be handled also by non-IT staff. 


Cyber security use cases for industrial plants

Our cyber security platform for industrial companies, WL Digital Doorman, comes equipped with a broad set of functionalities to easily create secure data tunnels.

Our cutting-edge security functionalities, such as the red button, audit trail and the advanced authorization tool, ensure a fast engagement when it matters the most. 

Improving after sales business

The first piece of your Industry 4.0 puzzle

WL Remote Servicing, our solution for remotely engaging with industrial machines, offers industrial companies a step-by-step approach to their digital transformation efforts. It enables the connectivity for almost any new and legacy IT & OT device and delivers immediate after sales benefits to machine builders.

Digital transformation with WL Remote Servicing


Optimise your machine performance 


Machine users and remote technicians 

Granting access

Advanced and detailed permission settings 


Easy machine monitoring and alert notification 


Machine updates are supported by guaranteed file delivery and order management 


Installing the software is simple. No coding knowledge required 

Analyse & Fix

Get advise on how to fix issues and start fixing with a couple of clicks 

Easy remote access

One platform for reaching all machines 

Our key points

  • Industrial purposes

    Our IIoT solutions have been created to meet the high expectations of industrial environments and machine manufacturers. Based on the feedback of our industrial customers, we have been developing our solutions for more than 15 years.

    Highest level of security

    All our IIoT solutions are ready for IEC62443, the cyber security standard for industrial purposes. Since our IIoT solutions are being used in highly sensitive devices, such as medical devices, the solutions meet the highest security requirements of our customers.

    One-stop shop for your digital transformation

    With Worldline, customers have a reliable partner at hand which currently connects more than 360 thousand machines to the internet. Whether you are looking for machine connectivity, cyber security, remote servicing or advanced industry 4.0 solutions, we are the right partner for your needs.


    To our customers belong amongst others Siemens Healthineers, Siemens Mobility and Siemens Gamesa. Please do not hesitate to inquire, how we have been supporting the business transformation of these and other companies.

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